Collision Repair Littleton, CO

Auto Body Collision Repair

Cars are designed more safely today than ever before. Here at Maaco our collision repair services are carefully and expertly done to rebuild the intended design into your car.

Our expert technicians will restore the performance (how it steers, handles, operates) and appearance to pre-accident condition

Surface Repair Vehicle Maintenance

For surface repair the overall look and durability of the new finish really depends on the proper surface preparation as much as it does on the actual paint. In most cases, a vehicle’s existing finish provides an excellent substrate for new paint. However, in other instances a car will need extra attention before the new car paint can be applied. Our staff will make sure to evaluate this for you and let you know what will be best when you need surface repair or maintenance.

Auto Body Dent Repair

In some cases, before we can paint your car we have to get the body back in shape. Our staff knows how to carefully fix dents, dings, scrapes and other imperfections to prepare the surface for paint.

Car Bumper Collision Repair or Replacement

When analyzing if you need bumper repair you should keep in mind your future plans for the car, so our estimator can recommend what would be best. Sometimes the solution to fix a bumper is removing and repairing it. This process guarantees the best coverage, prevents any overspray on the vehicle, and ensures there will be no paint bridging the gap between the bumper and the rest of the vehicle.

Our experienced collision repair technicians can repair peeling, torn, or dented bumpers for much less than other auto body shops. Our staff will expertly paint match the color of your bumper, using the highest quality paints to keep it looking like new.

Auto Parts Replacement

For newer vehicles, Maaco recommends replacing damaged car parts with OEM factory auto parts or high quality certified aftermarket car part replacements. For elective, non-insurance collision repairs customers can sometimes save money by choosing aftermarket or used parts auto parts replacements. Maaco can get you the right car parts for your specific situation.